Canisius wasn’t done any favors

Upon examining the College World Series schedule, I would have to conclude that Canisius was given a bum deal. Canisius opened with North Carolina, one of the top five teams in the country. Of the 64 teams scheduled, there are only 10 teams with records better than Canisius. While the Canisius schedule is probably weaker than many of the big name conferences, nevertheless, there are many other small conferences whose teams got more favorable draws.

Teams like Towson, Elon, San Diego State, and Bowling Green all got to play teams ranked far lower than North Carolina. Canisius should have gotten a more favorable draw with a 42-15 record going into the tournament.

Don Weimer


Penalty shot call was the right one

I am tired of every sportscaster and commentator complaining that the rules of hockey are not enforced and when they are, they complain that the refs are affecting the game. You can’t have it both ways.

In the recent Game Six of the Detroit-Chicago series a penalty shot was called when the Red Wing defenseman tried to separate the hands of Blackhawks forward Michael Frolik from his arms because he clearly had a breakaway on Detroit goalie Jimmy Howard. Sorry sports fans, the ref was right.

The real tragedy of the events was that the way Howard has been playing he would have stopped that shot. Instead he had to contend with a very good player in Frolik who had all the time in the world to place his shot instead of having a defenseman on his backside. The Detroit defenseman made two mistakes; he got beat and then took a dumb panic penalty. He was the one who affected the game.

Rick Kotecki


Marathon gives much bang for buck

Hats off to the organizers of the Buffalo Marathon. For the low price of $45, which is more than half the cost of marathons in other cities, I received two shirts, a massage, a pre- and post-race party along with a flat and scenic course lined with friendly spectators and volunteers, and first-rate entertainment.

I can’t see any reason anyone would go out of town to do a marathon when we have the best right here on our own backyard.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

Big moves could make Sabres a better team

So, Darcy Regier and Ron Rolston are here to stay and the Sabres are rebuilding. OK. But, not only doesn’t that have to take forever, it’s possible to win and rebuild at the same time. That however will take a level of aggression for which Regier is not known. To help him out, here are some moves the Sabres can make to both stabilize the 2013-14 roster and prepare the team for success in the future.

The first: send Stafford, prospects Larsson and McNabb, a first round pick (No. 16) and a third round pick to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan. The Sabres need to replace Pominville’s goal production, and a line of Vanek, Grigorenko, and Ryan could produce nicely.

The second: ship Gerbe, goalie prospect Hackett, and a second round pick to L.A. for the rights to goalie Jonathon Bernier. Bernier’s sure to be a hot restricted free agent this off-season, and a fair talent/prospect/pick package should be able to pry him loose.

Lastly, the big trade, and this may be the suffering Darcy referred to as it’s expensive and involves fan favorites, but the payoff is undeniable. Trade Miller, Myers, Ennis, and our first first-round pick (No. 8) to Colorado for Paul Stastny and the first overall pick in this year’s draft. The Sabres need a veteran third-line center like Stastny, who has offensive and defensive skills. The real prize, however, is the pick, which the Sabres should use on phenom center Nathan MacKinnon. McKinnon is the elite type of player not seen here since Pat LaFontaine, and he’s worth moving heaven and earth to acquire.

These moves are complicated, but very doable. Add to them the buyout of Leino and the signing of Cup-winning free agents Andrew Ference and Craig Adams, and the Sabres can compete and rebuild simultaneously. Here’s hoping.

Marc Rummenie

East Aurora

Kudos to Thomas for Oklahoma help

Thurman Thomas’ effort in helping the storm victims of Oklahoma is very heartfelt and he should be applauded. He was commendable in his effort to help the victims of this tragic storm.

This Hall of Fame great made a Hall of Fame gesture and was a touchdown in the hearts of the people who lost so much during this devastating storm.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Stevie needs work to be a team leader

Jerry Sullivan’s column on Stevie Johnson stepping up to be a leader and mentor for the younger players was certainly a head-turner.

Stevie seems more interested in stats and tweets than being a role model. Younger players have to look up to someone who is mature and dependable. Not blaming everyone but himself for his failures. The Bills are going to be a team with potential, like another professional team in Buffalo.

The diehard fans have got to be wishing and hoping. So let’ wish and hope.

Paul DiVito


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