NIAGARA FALLS – Police said the shooting of a man in a Main Street apartment complex early Saturday may have been in retaliation for an incident Friday night.

Leonard E. Lowe, 33, of Michigan Avenue, is currently in Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, undergoing treatment for bullet wounds to his left arm and groin, police said. His condition was unavailable Saturday night. Initially, he was treated in Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.

Police said the victim left Unc’s bar on Ferry Avenue after his sister had been arrested for fighting, and walked to a cousin’s apartment in the 800 block of Main. About 1:45 a.m., Lowe was shot by someone with a black handgun when he answered a knock at the door, police said.

Police said Lowe hid in a bedroom before jumping from an upstairs window onto a roof, then making his way to the hospital. A cab driver who saw him fall on Main took him to the hospital, police added.

Police said they found two spent shell casings at the scene of the shooting. An investigation is under way.