Armando Gutierrez, a Merced, Calif., native, learned he had Type 1 diabetes when he was 17, but he didn’t let it steal his dreams. Now 28, he has been a strength and conditioning coach in the Toronto Blue Jays organization for almost four years. He just started with the Buffalo Bisons, lives in Allentown and is helping to publicize the Tour de Cure bike race next Saturday in Niagara County (register at

What advice do you give the players when it comes to eating?

Eat well, be well-proportioned throughout your meals. Have fruits or vegetables as well as your proteins and your carbs; complex carbs rather than simple carbs. Make your plate colorful.

What are the staples of your diet?

I eat at least five times during the day, breakfast being most important. I usually have my oatmeal and usually an omelette or eggs, with some mixed veggies, peppers, spinach, mushrooms. And I usually have some fruit with it. For lunch, usually a sandwich of some sort. I always, always have vegetables with my meal. Dinner is a lot lighter on the carbs. More salads, veggies and proteins, a baked or sweet potato, something that will keep me at a good sugar level throughout the night, but I won’t overdo it. Between breakfast and lunch, I usually have a fruit with peanut butter. In between lunch and dinner, I usually do a Greek yogurt and granola, maybe with a half-banana.

– Scott Scanlon