The sun is hot and the air is thick, but Lake Erie remains a chilly 55 degrees. So, boating, yes; swimming, you might want to wait.

The high humidity is making it feel more like summer than the end of May, but we won’t be breaking any records today or this weekend. But it could be uncomfortable.

“Today we’re going to be in the upper 70s along the lake and could reach the upper 80s some places inland,” said Jim Mitchell of the National Weather Service. “The record for today is 90 at the airport; we won’t see that.”

There could be a few showers tonight, but hopefully not enough to dampen the BuffaLoveFest at the Buffalo Zoo. By Saturday night, Mitchell said, the chance of thunderstorms is high. By Sunday, a major front will be moving through, bringing rain and cooler temperatures.

“Saturday morning should be like a normal summer day, in the mid-80s, and we’ll start to see more cloud cover,” Mitchell said. “Saturday night will be very warm. We may not get out of the 70s.”

Things should dry out by the beginning of the week, with highs in the 60s on Monday and also cool on Tuesday when Billy Idol takes the stage at Artpark.