Buffalo tie that Bynes

According to celebrity news website TMZ, troubled Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes was spotted earlier this week traipsing through Buffalo.

The former Nickelodeon child star, who later transitioned to teen films such as “What a Girl Wants” and “She’s the Man,” has more recently piqued the interests of the national tabloids because of her increasingly odd behavior. Two weeks ago, New York City police were summoned to Bynes’ Manhattan apartment after she allegedly threw drug paraphernalia from her 36th-floor window. She was later arrested and taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

So, was that the actress captured on video walking down what may have been Elmwood Avenue near West Ferry Street on Thursday? The unidentified young woman in the video posted on TMZ’s website doesn’t cop to being Amanda Bynes. Furthermore, she adamantly exclaims in the video: “We’re not in Buffalo, dude.”

Online blogger Perez Hilton picked up the item, too. He claims Bynes was in town to visit the Skyzone trampoline park in Cheektowaga. So maybe she really was here for a bit. And then she bounced.

The War of 2013

If nothing else, Gov. Andrew Cuomo loves symbolism.

That being said, he might want to circle June 9 on his calendar. That’s the 200th anniversary of the day American soldiers abandoned Fort Erie (and moved back to Fort George) after briefly holding the fort during the War of 1812.

With the Peace Bridge dispute between the Cuomo administration and Canadian officials still raging for several months now, wouldn’t it be nice to have an end date to the border hostilities that in the past couple of weeks has been the subject of articles in major market newspapers across the U.S. and Canada? Just don’t mention to anyone in Albany that the Americans retook Fort Erie on July 3, 1814.

Rubbed the wrong way

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw was put out of joint recently by a mass emailing promoting taxpayer-funded massages for county workers with BlueCross BlueShield insurance coverage.

The email, sent by a county worker using the county’s email system, was addressed to every employee with a county email account, including the comptroller, who helped put an immediate stop to what was obviously an abuse of the county’s email system.

“Since we are trying to cut health care costs, this doesn’t appear to be on the up and up,” Mychajliw observed in an email to the county’s Division of Information and Support Services.

“And it’s not smart to send the taxpayer watchdog this type of email,” he added later.

Heavenly chicken wings

The cartoons that appear in the New Yorker magazine are never off-color and rarely in color.

However, in this past week’s edition, cartoonist Joe Dator applied a dash of hot sauce red to his black-and-white drawing depicting two angels with requisite halos conversing in heaven. The angel on the left is wearing the traditional, large bird wings with his robe, while the angel on the left has two very small, reddish color chicken wings protruding from his back.

“I died in Buffalo,” the caption reads.

Flutie rolling out

One of the Buffalo Bills’ most mobile quarterbacks is on the move again.

Media outlets in New England reported that the house in Natick, Mass., that Doug Flutie and his family have been calling home is for sale.

Flutie, the former Bills signal caller and current analyst for ESPN, is now a permanent resident of Florida. His 7,233-square-foot Natick house has an asking price of a shade under $1.7 million.

Maybe Rob Johnson would want to make an offer. After all, he’s followed in Flutie’s footsteps before.

Written by Harold McNeil, with contributions from Bruce Andriatch and Tom Precious. email: