Our country is headed in the wrong direction

Over the years, the lasting empires have a solid foundation based on the family to maintain their integrity. Anything that destroys the family helps to destroy the empire. Here in the United States, we have same-sex marriages and abortion. We have religious people and politicians who are practicing homosexuality. We have leaders of business, society and government living in common-law unions.

Nearly half of the nation’s babies are born to unmarried mothers. Many children are raised by single parents or grandparents. They are born in poverty. Most will live in poverty all their lives because they won’t get a good, family-assisted education. There is no family; therefore no planning. So many spend their lives living on the dole.

Huge amounts of money are paid to victims of pedophiles, who belong to religious organizations and were allowed to destroy children without being corrected by their superiors, let alone prosecuted under the law.

Secret laws are passed under the guise of protecting national security. Victims of crime are lucky if they get any recompense, while the perpetrators are given free meals, housing, medical care, cable TV and legal representation. Does this represent the good old U.S.A.?

Joe Bauer