Peace Bridge impasse must be resolved soon

I know Ron Rienas from Town Council meetings in Fort Erie roughly 10 years ago. I am writing as someone who’s very much in favor of integration between Canada and the United States in general, as outlined in the binational Beyond the Border agreement, particularly to relocate the primary inspection for U.S.-bound trucks in Fort Erie.

I am highly dismayed by Rienas’ and Anthony Annunziata’s attitude toward elected U.S. officials. Besides being a binational and federal entity, the Peace Bridge is considered a state issue and as such Gov. Andrew Cuomo should have just as much say as any Canadian member of the Bridge Authority. Moreover, criticism about New York State’s acquisition of the Episcopal Church Home property adjacent to the U.S. plaza is completely misplaced. I strongly believe that the state has the right to purchase any property within its territory so long as due process is applied.

My utmost concern is that these individuals’ behavior will throw a monkey wrench into preclearance plans under way, which had already been agreed upon and signed by all levers of government on both sides of the border. I do heartily hope that the impasse will be over quickly so that all residents of New York and Ontario share the benefits of a smoother border crossing.

Steven Norris