A major solo exhibition of photographs by local artist Marshall Scheuttle will go on view Saturday in CEPA Gallery (617 Main St.). The show, called “Borderland,” contains a series of portraits and landscapes with mystical or vaguely unsettling overtones.

In a statement, Scheuttle wrote that his photography captures figures who exist in an “arena between wakefulness and sleep, the place between two worlds.”

In his essay for the show’s catalog, poet and writer Danniel Schoonebeek compared Scheuttle’s work to that of Walker Evans, the acclaimed photographer whose work was also a major influence on local professor Bruce Jackson.

“Like Evans, Scheuttle is a rover,” Schoonebeek wrote. “He’s traveled with the circus, he’s been to the hinterlands, the falls, the white sands of New Mexico. He’s stood backstage and inside your living room, in the godless suburbs, the rivers of Georgia, the barking wilderness. And when he shoots his photographs, Scheuttle likewise refuses to look back at the America of his life with longing.”

The exhibition opens with a reception at 7 p.m. Saturday and runs through Aug. 10. Call 856-2717 or visit for more information. – Colin Dabkowski