Synacor Inc. has opened an office in suburban Boston that will become one of three engineering hubs for the Buffalo Internet content provider, staffed by as many as 25 new hires.

But a Synacor spokeswoman stressed that the company remains committed to Buffalo, which is home to the company’s headquarters and 292 workers.

“We love Buffalo,” said Meredith Roth, a Synacor spokeswoman. “We’re still hiring in Buffalo. We need people in Buffalo.”

The Boston office will give it better access to the area’s universities and skilled technology industry workers, said Steve Davi, Synacor’s senior vice president of software engineering, who will head the Massachusetts office.

“It’s just another hub for great talent,” Roth said. “It’s about adding talent and finding talent where we can.”

Synacor said the Boston office will serve as one of its three main engineering hubs, alongside Buffalo and Toronto. The Boston office, which currently has three employees, will focus on Synacor’s offerings that allow customers to use a single ID to access all their media and communications.

“Raw brain power, top universities, culture of innovation – Boston has it all – offering Synacor experienced engineers, well-educated talent and top-flight partners that can help fuel continued innovation for Synacor,” Davi said in a statement.

Aside from its headquarters operations, Synacor’s Buffalo staff focuses on ways to personalize the search, digital advertising and discovery process for consumers. Its Toronto office, acquired through its purchase a year ago of Canadian tech firm Carbyn, concentrates on developing platforms to make it easy for customers to use Synacor’s products on all their electronic devices.

Synacor’s offices outside of Buffalo have a total of about 30 employees, Roth said.

“We’re going to have a couple of offices that specialize in certain technologies,” Roth said. “We’ve obviously got a ton of tech talent in Buffalo. Buffalo is our headquarters.”

Synacor’s website lists 29 job openings, mostly for engineering positions, in Buffalo, compared with eight in Boston, seven in Toronto and two in Atlanta.