Joe Baudo Jr., on the 150-yard 15th hole at Brighton, with a 4 hybrid.

Doug Harty, on the 179-yard 5th hole at Crag Burn, with a 5-iron.

Mike Hartzell, on the 113-yard 2nd hole at Iron Wood, with a sand wedge.

Tim Hutton, on the 197-yard 8th hole at Glen Oak, with a 4-iron.

Chuck Jagodzinski, on the 146-yard 17th hole at Grover Cleveland, with a 7-iron.

Jake Maeder, on the 162-yard 14th hole at Concord Crest, with a pitching wedge.

Al McCabe, on the 178-yard 15th hole at East Aurora CC, with a 3-hybrid.

Bill Moran, on the 168-yard 6th hole at Orchard Park, with a 4-hybrid.