Downtown residents need more services

The goal was to get professionals to move into the downtown area of Buffalo to revive the city. So teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public servants got on the bandwagon and moved their families into the modest new homes being built from the Sycamore area to Humboldt and beyond. I was told by my builder that gas stations and a store would be coming. Well, that didn’t happen. But this is not why I am writing. I would like to express my frustrations with businesses that state they provide services “within the city of Buffalo” but do not live up to that statement.

Over the years I have lived in my home, my neighbors and I have had difficulties getting basic services. Mind you, we keep our properties up, work full-time jobs and support this city with our taxes and other contributions. But it is difficult to keep your home looking its best when services like tree cutters, landscapers, furnace repair and roofers refuse to come here. “Sorry, we do not come to that area” is often the response I get, which is better I guess than someone telling me he is going to show up and never does.

I can’t even have a pizza delivered to my home because no one comes here. If you think I’m just whining, let me give you some more information. Proprietors as close as Oak Street and Elmwood Avenue refuse to come to my home. Maybe the nurse across the street, the postal worker or the school administrator will be waiting to rob them at gunpoint when they show up.

Now the Medical Campus is going to bring new families into the area. My question is: Will they get services? Don’t ask us to come and support this city if you aren’t going to do anything for us. I chose to live in downtown Buffalo and believe it or not, it’s quiet. It could have been a wonderful experience if people could get over its past and their ignorance and see this area as it truly is now.

Charlene Harris