Many factors contribute to the loss of wildlife

In the May 15 My View, a gentleman wrote about cats diminishing a community. Oh, it would be wonderful if we could blame one species for the destruction of a community.

I would like readers to take a good look at what goes into lovely manicured lawns and vegetation areas. Pesticides and chemicals account for a great deal in diminishing the bird population and wildlife. As far as the loss of the deer population, that has nothing to do with cats. That is the increase of human population, which goes hand-in-hand with lovely lawns and floras. Feeding of birds brings in squirrels, rabbits, mice and little night creatures, which also eat seeds, which bring in coyotes, fox and then cats, which roam free to deal with the overpopulation of rodents, as some would call them.

The gentleman is correct in stating that people need to be responsible pet owners and alter their free-roaming community cats. It is so easy in Erie County to accomplish this. We have a wonderful “Maddies Spay/Neuter Grant,” which costs only $10 to alter and vaccinate these free-roaming cats. Plus we have Feral Cat FOCUS of WNY, which will educate and direct you every step of the way. The gentleman was also correct when he stated that Feral Cat FOCUS said, “you trap them, and we will spay/neuter and vaccinate them.” This will help keep the number of cats down to a manageable level, and a colony of cats from roaming looking for mating possibilities. If a person cares enough to feed the “community cat,” then care enough to call Feral Cat FOCUS 1-888-902-9717 and arrange to have the cats altered. The rest of the problems of “diminishing of wildlife” will have to be directed in other ways.

Edie M. Offhaus

Co-founder, Feral Cat FOCUS

of WNY, Orchard Park