Neither one of us has been on a skateboard in a VERY long time! But a skateboard can be a great helper in the workshop, especially when you need to move a large piece of material, like a heavy sheet of plywood or a bag of concrete mix. Just set it on a skateboard and move it to the location where you will be working with it.

Skateboards won’t work for everything, but the way they can be steered just by leaning the material to one side or the other makes them perfect for this purpose. Give it a try.


Q: I am going to replace all of the grout in my shower. Once I’ve finished this part of the project, how do I seal the grout to make it last longer? – K.N.

A: We recommend using a silicone sealer for the longest-lasting results. You need to wait for the grout to cure longer – just follow the package directions. Check your hardware store and see what it has. Most are easy to use and, even though you will probably have to repeat this occasionally, it’s a smart thing to do and is worth the extra time involved.

Tips from readers

Dear Al: OK, I confess. I accidentally glued my fingers together with a fast-acting glue – you know the one I’m talking about. I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention, and it happened. My wife came to the rescue with some fingernail-polish remover. It worked fast to remove the glue. I plan to keep a bottle of this in my shop now, not to release myself, of course, but in case I need to remove this glue from another project. – T.S.


Dear Carrells: I wondered if those upside-down tomato planters worked, so I decided to create one of my own to test it out. I used a gallon milk jug, cut the bottom and poked three holes around the edges to hang it upside down with. I bought a tomato plant that was in a 4-inch pot, because I knew it would have good roots. Then I put it into the jug so that the plant was poking out the bottom and the roots were still inside. Next, I filled the jug with potting soil and hung it up. I’ve had it up for more than a month now, and have been watering it when it looks a little dry. It’s doing quite well, and I expect it to flower any day. – G.R.


Dear Kelly: We don’t have to refill our propane tank very often, but it’s pretty heavy, so we have to carry it together to the store. I have found that it will fit perfectly in a plastic milk crate. This makes it much easier to carry with the handles on the sides. It also keeps it from rolling around in the back of my SUV during transport. – M.E.


Dear Al: We often use our ceiling fan during the summer to keep us cool and so we can use our air conditioner less often. This year it had started to make a squeaking noise. I got out the manual, and it’s supposed to be a self-oiling fan. I decided to use a squirt or two of oil on the fan motor even though it said I wouldn’t need to. Sure enough, it stopped squeaking. Maybe we used up all of the original oil. All I know is that I can still be cool, and without all the squeaking! – R.E.


Air conditioning and furnace filters trap dust and even pollen in some cases, but Lysol is now making a line that has built-in antimicrobial properties. It is the first air filter certified “asthma and allergy friendly” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

It is unscented and pesticide-free and removes pollutants that average filters don’t catch. It’s available at hardware stores and home centers.

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