The Canisius crews returned to Black Rock Channel for the Fontana All-High Regatta and settled right back in at the top of the medal count.

After declining an invitation to participate last year, Canisius won seven gold and seven silver medals Monday in front of more than 2,000 gathered at West Side Rowing Club.

“It’s good to be back,” said David McCormick, who rowed on the winning senior eight.

“It’s a fun regatta for all of Buffalo,” said Mark Hirschbeck, a Cornell-bound senior and bowman on the senior four. “A lot of us are friends outside of rowing and in between teams. Beyond the racing, it’s just a lot of fun and a great day to have it on Memorial Day.”

Canisius had the top two boats among the senior eights with the crew of Joseph Ebner, Ryan Flynn, McCormick, Max Peterson, David Militello, Dalton Weir, Michael Battaglia, Brian Hamp and coxswain Joshua Zuccala winning in 4:51.22.

Among senior fours, Canisius also finished 1-2, led by the “A” team of Hirschbeck, Jack Sardinia, Reid Yankowski, Declan Albert and coxswain Billy Quinn in 5:27.97.

The Crusaders also won the junior eight, junior four, lightweight eight and freshman/novice four “B” races.

St. Joe’s junior four of Mike Murphy, Steve Bunce, Aaron Abruzzino, Colin Littlefield and coxswain Andrew Gaulin won its race in 5:42.11. The Marauders’ novice eight of Augie Cudeck, Ben MacFayden, Eric Seaner, Mike Tarabolettie, Brandon Castolnick, Andrew Napier, Joe Ginnane, Max Cambria and coxswain Erich Thur won the “A” final in 5:10.59.

“I can’t remember the last time our freshman novice eight beat Canisius’ novice eight,” St. Joe’s coach Rich Schaab said. “It was really a good race for that crew.”

A young City Honors team continued its resurgence with four wins in the junior and novice/freshman races.

The crew of Samuel Anderson, Caraan Delgado, Shan Billups, Matthew Mendoza and coxswain Peter Ruch won the freshman/novice “A” final in 5:52.89, more than 10 seconds ahead of the Crusaders’ boat.

“We beat the boat we’ve been trying to beat all year, so it was a good day,” Ruch said.

City Honors’ girls junior four (Haley Keller, Madelaine Hamilton, Alexis Cartwright, Leanna Gradolph and coxswain Bella Zionts) won in 6:27.09 and its freshman/novice eight (Laura Koessler, Kianna Pierson, Skylar Cerbone, Olivia Schultz and cox Kate Ryan) won in 7:22.50. The freshman/novice four (Samantha Lonas, Natalia Price, Hannah Annunziata, Helen Joyce and coxswain Bridget Ryan) won the “A” final in 6:39.95.

“We’ve been in kind of a rebuilding phase over the past two years and it’s continually been growing and getting a little bit faster, a little bit more cohesive out on the water each year,” City Honors coach Kimberly Lonas said. “This year, things have just been clicking very well and they worked really hard over the winter and all spring so it’s nice to see them medaling and reaping the rewards of their hard work.”

The West Side Crew senior eight of Sarah Casilio, Katherine Greene, Sally Rozumalski, Rayna Weigle, Marissa Jeswald, Emily Evans, Emily Radziwon, Ashley Johnson and coxswain Kenzie Obrachta won in 5:48.32. West Side also won the freshman/novice “A” final with Julia Vicaretti, Ashley Seltz, Emma Vicaretti, Jillian Michael, Emily Smith, Sarah Hoffman, Emma Cullen, Allison Victor, and coxswain Katie Holmwood.

The Nichols senior four of Chloe Keating, Era Schlehr, Alexandra Gunner, Hillary Vossler and coxswain Kelly McNamara won in 6:13.72.

Nardin’s junior eight of D.D. Hurley, Delia Hurley, Catherine Karas, Caroline Wrafter, Madeline Weir, Julie Roehmholdt, Emily Salerno, Jessica Izzo and coxswain Clare Roach won in 5:46.59. Nardin’s lightweight four (Hannah Stroud, Kailey Vanner, Shannon Lane, Lily Zenger and coxswain Lauren Pernick) won in 6:32.92.

With banners at the finish line reading “HOLY ANGELS CREW 1994-2013,” the school’s last freshman/novice eight (Shannon Galvin, Bridget Degan, Cosette Nerogic, Megan McGraw, Abby Nerogic, Theresa Rusch, Maureen Frauenheim, Mia Sullivan and coxswain Chloe Morgan) won the “B” final in 6:22.89.