Sheriff is right to back the Second Amendment

Kudos to Sheriff Timothy Howard for refusing to enforce a law he believes is unconstitutional. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution. That is what he is doing. He joins the few number of courageous law enforcement officials who, throughout history, have refused to enforce such laws as the Fugitive Slave Act, Jim Crow laws and the Nuremberg laws. I believe that the courts will prove him right.

Bad facts often make bad law. It is hard to imagine a worse set of facts than Newtown. The knee-jerk reaction of the State Legislature to do something, i.e., anything, to assuage collective guilt will not prevent another occurrence. Letting the government know who has what gun leaves us open to the government deciding, perhaps decades from now, to collect those guns.

The Second Amendment was passed because the Founders recognized that “it can’t happen here” was not a defense against tyranny. The problem is that the evil that enveloped the Newtown murderer sometimes takes over the minds of groups of people and even governments. Rwanda, Serbia, Cambodia and the Holocaust testify to that. Millions fewer would have died if the victims had been armed. The Second Amendment is our protection against that kind of evil. Howard should be praised for recognizing that fact.

Gabriel J. Ferber, Esq.