Lowering legal limit won’t deter offenders

New York State wants to lower the alcohol level for driving while intoxicated to 0.05 percent from the existing 0.08 percent in order to “save lives.” I ask, just how many fatalities have there been from drivers who register at or lower than the current legal limit?

I do know from my experience as a police officer that many of the alcohol-related accidents have been from drivers who were well above the legal limit and often were repeat offenders with multiple arrests for driving while intoxicated. Even with the revocation of their driving privileges, some continue to drive intoxicated, regardless of having a license or not. When caught, they rarely receive a sentence that truly deters their recidivism.

Instead of pursuing what appears to be another source of revenue for the state, which will do little or nothing to stop the carnage on the roadway, penalize those who refuse to abide by the current laws with a proper deterrent rather than continuing the “catch and release” philosophy that allows offenders to repeat their crime time and again and who are a true threat to the community. Common sense must be exercised here, and it is not through implementing another ineffective law that fails to live up to its expectations.

Bruce Bruni