Lawmakers must remove Silver as Assembly speaker

Because of Sheldon Silver’s total disregard for the very serious and abusive act of sexual harassment, and his willingness to allow female staff members to continue to be subjected to the advances of a sexual predator within the offices of the Assembly, we demand that he be removed from all leadership roles in New York State government. It is appalling that he remains there now.

This was not a “mistake” on the part of the speaker. This was a pathetic lack of ethical and moral courage to be the leader that he was elected and paid to be. It was the speaker putting politics above the physical, emotional and economic welfare of these women, of state employees and of the taxpayers of this state. Every minute he remains in power, those who continue to support him take on his guilt and lose their own moral standing with the citizens of this state. He must go now.

Armand and Janet Mazzaroppi