All the fans want is a solid effort

As I sit here in my winter home in Naples, Fla., I am compelled to write my thoughts on my beloved Bills and Sabres.

Starting in 1960 (I was 13) with the Bills and 1970 with the Sabres I have either watched in person or on TV at least 90% of their games. I have been a season-ticket holder for both teams and have reveled in Super Bowls and Stanley Cup Finals. I have also endured the two-win seasons and the failure to make the playoff years.

I know I am not alone in my love for the teams and Buffalo. My concern is that I do not think the players truly understand how much we care and how we live and die with their exploits on the field or ice.

When you sign a contract to play for Buffalo all we truly ask is that give 100 percent when you are playing. In football that amounts to probably no more than 30 minutes a week and in hockey about 15 to 20 minutes a game.

Many players have given their all over the years but many don’t and have not. This is not about money, this is about a community that needs and deserves your best. Let’s go, Buffalo.

David W. McKay

Grand Island

Pegula should know Regier is the problem

Dear Mr. Pegula: Did you happen to catch Bucky Gleason’s commentary titles “Playoffs cast harsh light on Sabres” in Thursday’s edition?

I don’t know what it is that has made you such a loyal employer to Darcy Regier. It doesn’t sound like anybody knows. Do you see what he’s done to your team, your name, Sabres’ fans everywhere?

Bucky starts off writing that his article is not meant to belittle Regier, but the problem with that is that it can’t be avoided when the truth about how the GM has mishandled so many current NHL players is exposed. He only talks about six or seven guys, but really, how many more moves has Darcy made that have made your franchise a joke?

You’ve allowed him to hire a coach that may be a great guy, a great teacher and all those other nice things Darcy’s told you, but remember, that’s the same Regier that traded away Campbell, Paille and Pyatt and ignored players that wanted to be here like Orpik, Gionta and Conacher.

It makes me sick to be reminded over and over again what he’s done to the Sabres, our Sabres, and then it hurts more to know that he can still do more damage.

Brian Zachary


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