Be sure to give thanks for veterans’ sacrifices

As Memorial Day approaches, we think of picnics, time off and maybe the Indy 500, but we tend to forget those, far away from home, who make this all possible.

They spend weeks on end in earthen dugouts, wearing the same clothes, dodging enemy fire. They remain wary of huge venomous insects, snakes and poor water.

Crooked politicians decide their fate while living the high life, preferring to forget they exist when they are lucky enough to return home.

The point of all this is what you can do to help. For me, it is the USO that provides a touch of home away from home – phone cards for soldiers to hear a friendly voice, American food and entertainment. I know, I’ve been there, as have many of you.

So on this Memorial Day, before you heat up that grill, show a touch of patriotism and give thanks for our vets’ service, past and present. Even a note on Facebook goes a long way.

Charles Carter