Howard refuses to forfeit his integrity, common sense

The undercurrent of harsh judgment from those who claim the Erie County sheriff is not doing his job shows a lack of insight and a myopic view of how the world really works. The ugly truth is that every professional, regardless of the type of work he does, is faced with ethical challenges. There are always those who look to avoid the truth or negative consequences associated with poor decisions coming from a level or levels above their position.

Occasionally, you find people like Sheriff Timothy Howard who refuse to violate the principles of common sense or integrity. A lack of balance in power provides some with more influence than wisdom, and their integrity can take a back seat to the need to project support to the “boss” or the “team.”

Simply put, Howard has a reputation of living and working within a set of principles that he refuses to abandon for the sake of riding on the “Cuomo train.” Howard chooses instead to follow his conscience and his character to take a stand. It seems to me that we should be applauding, rather than assassinating, his character. We sometimes fail to acknowledge the opinions and actions of the minority for the sake of not offending the majority.

This is no different than the tough decisions that people should have made in refusing to shield wrongdoers in Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the covert actions by our government that equate to spying on private citizens. If you had to confine these people who sacrifice their integrity for being part of the “club” or “team” to one word, “hypocrites” should do nicely.

James Monteleone