Maintain great schools with reasonable budget

The Clarence school budget problems are largely due to the pay and benefit packages that have been written for the school’s administrators, teachers and staff. It’s obvious that these same people have been “pumping up” students, parents and board members in an effort to get the 9.8 percent increase in taxes passed. In the past, no one has questioned reasonable raises in taxes. But with the recent firm rejection by the voters, it is now clear that the school’s administrators have gone way too far.

For all those students who lined the streets with their signs favoring the increase, I commend you for getting involved in the process. But hopefully you now have learned that you can’t keep balancing the budget by simply raising taxes. I challenge you and your parents to keep getting involved by now questioning the above-mentioned paid school staff as to what they are willing to give up to help ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

I also challenge you to get involved in re-evaluating everything from marginal programs to the more efficient use of school buses, many of which carry only a few students at times. You can still maintain your high level of education and related programs, but common sense must be used by all to help balance and maintain a reasonable budget.

Fred Kintzel