Return signs heralding Colden Farmers’ Market

Bring ’em back! Please. Signs announcing the return of the Colden Community Farmers’ Market were carefully placed along Route 240 from West Falls to Glenwood. Sadly, most of these signs have disappeared.

A little background may be needed. The small Catholic Church in Colden was closed several years ago. Without missing a beat, a group of dedicated volunteers used this building to create the Bread of Life Outreach Center. The center started with a food pantry and a thrift store to serve the needs of the people in this area, but over the years it has become a thriving community center – hosting yoga lessons, Irish dance nights, scrapbooking and much more. Last year, a Farmers’ Market began in the parking lot every Saturday morning from spring to fall. The revenues from the market help support the Bread of Life programs.

We put up signs to let our neighbors know that the Farmers’ Market will be back this year. Unfortunately, whether as a prank or something else, our signs have disappeared. Please come out to Colden and support our vendors and our mission. Signs or no signs, we will be there. Eat fresh. Buy local. Have fun.

Patricia Prucnal

West Falls