Come up with a better way to discard hazardous waste

If Erie County really wants residents to dispose of their hazardous waste items properly, it needs to fund more drop-off dates or come up with a better plan. I was happy when I saw in the paper that there would be a drop-off in my area at Erie Community College North Campus on May 18 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. I could finally get rid of my box of old oil paints, propane tanks and used car oil. I packed the items in my car and headed to ECC.

What a shock! The entire parking lot was filled from one end to the other with people in their cars in line trying to drop off their items at the other end of the campus. What a disappointment. These lines must have taken several hours to get through to the end. I, like many others, drove off and didn’t wait.

I am quite sure many of the people who didn’t have several hours to wait on Saturday went home and will be hiding these items in their trash on the next trash day. Most people do care about the environment and want to do the right thing, but it must be made easier to comply. How about a drop-off date at the curb every few months, with a truck that comes by and picks the items up on trash day? This would make things easy enough that more people would probably dispose of these hazardous items properly.

Debbie Brown

East Amherst