NIAGARA FALLS – Fourteen people, including alleged drug dealer Ray A. Harris, were arrested as Niagara Falls Police Narcotics Bureau detectives raided what was described as “a classic crack house” Thursday night on 19th Street.

Harris, 27, who lives on Niagara Avenue, was arrested on felony criminal possession of controlled substance charges, Capt. David LeGault, chief of the Narcotics Bureau, said detectives found quantities of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills and heroin in plain view on a dining room table as the raid began about 9:25 p.m. in an apartment at 459 19th St. As detectives entered Harris unsuccessfully tried to flush various illegal drugs down a toilet.

The raid followed a lengthy police investigation and complaints from neighborhood residents and community groups.

The thirteen other men and women in the apartment during the raid were all charged with misdemeanor drug counts or loitering for the use of drug charges,