Selling off resources won’t ignite economy

I am writing in response to the May 19 Viewpoints article, “America is in trouble.” Trouble caused by borrowing – living beyond our means because we have lost global leadership – is correctly identified, as are decades of success driven by technology innovation and inventors of world acclaim.

But instead of its revival by aggressive forward leadership, Patrick Reddy wants to sell off our natural resources, e.g. natural gas. Energy self-sufficiency is a laudable achievement helping foreign relations. But selling into a market of similar conservation goal customers? It would be better to focus industry, academia and forward-looking government on superior innovative products to pay off our global marketplace debt.

For example, billions of dollars are wasted and congestion is worsened trying to force travelers back into obsolete light rail and buses. Automation is beginning to demonstrate more efficient, very light personal vehicles. Using little land, they can become public transportation all can use worldwide, providing computer-controlled, direct-to-destination technology.

Reddy would probably agree we don’t “have it made” and it’s time to get back to work. But activists and politicians promote wasteful mass transit enclaves. They waste the capital to underwrite innovative products we need to sell.

Walt Brewer