Howard deserves praise for upholding Constitution

Erie County is fortunate to have Timothy Howard as sheriff. He is courageous and a protector of Second Amendment rights. Obviously he has read the Constitution and understands everything there is to know about “shall not be infringed.” He takes his oath to uphold the Constitution and intends to place that at the forefront as he exercises his obligations of the office.

The SAFE Act is reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws of the last two centuries, which were repealed only when people were courageous enough to oppose them. Rosa Parks comes to mind, since she was a focal point to bring justice and get rid of unconstitutional and unfair laws. The SAFE Act is a violation of constitutional and civil rights protections and should be repealed. Howard is a leader in this effort.

There is nothing in this law that would do anything positive that would have prevented the mass murders committed by crazy people, and the violent criminals won’t obey the law, so it affects only the honest gun owner.

President Obama ordered his Justice Department to not enforce the Defense Of Marriage Law and The News had no objection to that. Here, a top law enforcement officer is actively fighting an unjust and unconstitutional law and refuses to enforce useless provisions (like having deputies count the number of rounds in a magazine) owned by an honest gun owner.

Howard will enforce domestic violence laws or any criminal actions that put people in danger. That is what we expect from a good cop. Wasting time on useless laws is also a waste of taxpayer money. That should be encouraged, not criticized.

Budd Schroeder

Board Chairman, SCOPE