In a series of events that double as lectures and pieces of performance art, University at Buffalo professor Josephine Anstey has set out to radically rework the way we understand our minds. For her lectures, Anstey adopts the fictional persona of Jennifer Årnstay, a scholar she describes as a “Professor of Material and Analogical Eco-Cognition visiting from an unspecified time and place.”

The Hallwalls Cinema will host Anstey’s next performance/lecture, titled “Improvising Consciousness,” at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The evening promises to be an amusing and perplexing one, as Årnstay leads visitors on a tour through the evolution and changing perception of human consciousness since the Lower Paleolithic age.

“Do you ever feel you can’t put the true richness of your thoughts into words? Do you ever wake up and find the solution to a nagging problem is suddenly in your head?” Anstey wrote in a release promoting the lecture. “What is really going on in our minds: hiding in there behind language? My lecture will explain!”

The event is co-presented by Hallwalls and UB’s newly founded Intermedia Performance Studio, of which Arnstay is a founding member. Admission is free. For information, call 854-1694 or visit – Colin Dabkowski