Every year, Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center provides selected area artists with 100 hours of free access to its video and digital labs and five days of free equipment rental as part of its Regional Artist Access Residency. It’s the art-world equivalent of letting a kid loose on a particularly well-equipped playground, and the results can often be stunning.

This year’s residencies went to two teams of Buffalo artists. Kyle Butler and Shasti O’Leary Soudant collaborated on an installation called “unreliable (s)pace” and Lauren Gay and Isaac Johnson put together a semifictional film documenting a pregnancy.

Butler and Soudant’s project explores the unexpected twists and turns life takes and it involves a slow, snail-like journey from one end of the exhibition space to the other. Gay and Johnson’s project, called “The Music Box: Adventures of Lucy + Renaldo,” is described in a release as “a multimedia docu-fiction that provides an intimate look into a couple’s 9 months of pregnancy and the resulting child’s first month of life.” The project is intended to function as a hybrid of traditional documentary and more free-form filmmaking.

The Regional Artist Access Residency continues through June 29 in Squeaky Wheel (712 Main St.). Admission is free. Call 884-7172 or visit – Colin Dabkowski