Buffalo police officers became more visible today as the department resumed its annual summertime foot and bicycle patrols in each of the department’s five districts.

“Foot and bike patrol units benefit the community by providing a visible presence in commercial districts, residential neighborhoods and in parks and playgrounds,” Mayor Byron W. Brown said at a late morning press conference.

“By putting dedicated police patrols on the street and updating our bicycle patrols we continue to further strengthen our highly effective zero tolerance anti-crime policy that has resulted in a nearly 20 per cent drop in overall crime since 2006,” the mayor said.

Police officials said the foot and bicycle patrols that will be operated on each district’s day and afternoon shifts, will focus on the city’s commercial districts, adjoining residential neighborhoods and parks. Police spokesmen said the department has patrol cars with their officers mandated to perform “park and walk” patrols on every shift. The food and bike patrols will complement those ongoing activities, officials said.

Mayor Brown and police officials said the coordinated bike and foot patrol details will enhance efforts to make police officers more visible throughout the entire city. The foot and bike patrols will be operated in pre-determined areas in each police district but their locations will not be announced in advance.