VA hospital provided great care for father

Our Dad was one of those guys – a World War II vet, Purple Heart recipient and proud union member. He was a good man from the Greatest Generation. We loved him dearly, but were unable to manage his health care any longer, so we relied on Veterans Affairs hospital. Recently the hospital has been getting slammed in the media for reuse of diabetic instruments and problems with hepatitis.

The reality for us was that wonderful and caring people were providing care and comfort we were no longer able to provide. There was Diane, the registered nurse, whom our father – throughout the pain, the dementia and the drugs – said was good and knew what she was doing. Eddie, the custodian who proudly displays his dog tags over his shirt as he plays guitar for the patients on his lunch break. The biker dudes, who volunteer and talk with the vets as they feed them lunch. The wonderful women who knit afghans, the baker (blueberry crisp) and the girls who throw parties and keep things happening.

Our guess is the reuse of needles was a cost-saving measure. The reality is our experience with VA hospital has been positive. The staff are dedicated and professional; and the volunteers are great.

Charlie Cane

Orchard Park

Gary Cane

Grand Island