Checks are reasonable, but hunters need ammo

The sudden uproar over gun control has made many gun owners concerned. I am a hunter. I own a gun, and a find it very difficult to even find bullets in the store. Although hunters were not the ones who took part in the recent shootings, we still have to suffer. I am worried that once deer season for shotgun comes around next year, I will not be able to find ammunition in any stores. Every year, venison has a huge impact on my family’s food supply for the winter months.

Although, I praise Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing the SAFE Act, making New York the first state to pass safer gun laws after the Newtown school massacre, we still have to eat. Despite a quick response in comparison to other states, New York proved it was genuinely concerned about the well-being of its people. Gun control is a step in the right direction. Parents can feel safer sending their children to school with newly stipulated gun laws.

Nonetheless, it is not fair to abolish Second Amendment rights indefinitely. These rights are especially important to hunters, who are efficiently feeding their families and abiding by current gun laws. In the end, I believe strengthening background checks will keep guns away from those who should not possess them, and in turn keep them in the hands of sportsmen who utilize ethical hunting practices.

Joelle Detrick

North Collins