A la mode

Downtown is alive with promgoers, and Buzz loves the clothes. The girls’ look seems to be circus, with lots of sparkles and sequins. The boys’ outfits are all over the fashion map. You get the hipsters, guys in John Lennon white suits and Mick Jagger bright skinny pants. Then there are the young men who, in the words of one friend, clearly haven’t been in a suit since their First Communion. Finally, you get the real rare smart dressers. Our award goes to James Nash of Attica High School, who, accompanied by Kara Manzanares of Orchard Park, sported a kilt. An actual, formal kilt, like Prince Charles or Prince Philip! But a kid is still a kid. Nash discreetly added his own touch: black sneakers.

Dressing room drama

Buzz knew it would pay off eventually, stationing a spy in the fitting room at Kohl’s on Niagara Falls Boulevard. Just sit there, we said. Let us know if anything happens, we said. And sure enough! A young man went into a booth to try on clothes. He would step outside and his girlfriend would give her opinions. A fashionista in the house! It wasn’t long until an older gentleman stepped out of his changing room, sporting dapper duds. “Since you’re offering opinions,” he said to the young woman, “how do these pants fit?” “Oh, good,” the woman answers. “And what about the back?” he asked. “Fine,” she answered. Lucky he was asking her and not Buzz. We wouldn’t have been able to resist repeating our favorite quote from “Gone With The Wind”: “ ‘It ain’t fittin.’ ”

Grassroots effort

Got to love those guerrilla signs on street corners hawking mattresses, bedroom sets, etc. They are the ultimate direct marketing! Surely the first sign of this type sat at the intersection of the Tigris and the Euphrates, the rivers said to mark the birthplace of civilization. A big bravo, then, to the Tralf Music Hall, for jumping on this age-old advertising. Stenciled signs around Delaware Park read: “MICHAEL JACKSON CONCERT TRIBUTE, MAY 24, TRALF, 7 P.M.” Bravo! A Tralf spokesman, though, was modest. “The Tralf is rented by outside promoters from time to time, and this would be their handiwork,” he said. He added, tongue in cheek: “We can’t take credit for these signs informatively bettering and beautifying the neighborhoods where they have been placed. Wink wink.”

The buzz

Love the marquee of Crossroads Lutheran Church in Amherst, reading: “Sabre’s Fans, Counseling Available.” But did they mean fans of a particular Sabre? If not, counseling should also be available in the use of apostrophes. … Those tears at graduations aren’t always tears of joy. One mom out celebrating with her daughter, newly sprung from Daemen College, confessed between taking pictures: “She’s going to law school. God help us.”


“Quit kissing the customers.”

– Pianist Jackie Jocko, to employee at E.B. Green’s