Some projects just can’t be done without a good sawhorse, or a set of them. You can buy them, or make your own. Some hardware stores even sell kits that, combined with your own lumber, make it easy to construct. But one of the best plans that we’ve ever run across was designed with hinges. The hinges will allow the sawhorse to be folded flat for easier storage. Add some rope or chain between the legs to keep them under control. It also will allow you to adjust the height somewhat. You’ll like these, and you’ll want to hang on to them for a long time.


Q: My dryer seems to work fine, but it’s leaving spots on my clothes. I think it’s rust from a damaged area in the dryer. Should I paint this or cover it with something? – H.J.

A: Use steel wool to sand away all of the rust. Then you can use epoxy paint, made for high heat, to paint over the bare metal. That should take care of the problem. Just check it periodically to make sure it doesn’t need a touch-up.

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: I love to restore cars, and I have two that I am working on right now. I use a lot of hand cleaner in the shop. It’s great at getting the grease off my hands. I’ve also discovered that you can rub it into grease stains on your clothes like you would to pretreat a stain. When you put the clothes through the wash, the stain usually will come out. At least it works pretty well for me! – S.G.


Dear Carrells: We have a couple of vacuum cleaners that we use on a regular basis. The one that my wife uses the most is the upright, which is primarily used on the carpeted parts of our home. It has a rotating beater bar that gets clogged easily with thread and other long fibers. It’s my job to keep it working. I have found that the easiest way to get these strings off the bar is to use a razored letter opener. It cuts right through this stuff and makes it easy to pull off. – J.W.


Dear Al: Our old closet rod was made of wood. It’s hard to believe that it would sag, but if you saw the amount of clothes we store on it, it’s easy to understand. We decided to replace it with a metal rod. We just went to the hardware store and chose a length of iron rod and had it cut to fit. I don’t think that will sag. If it does, we might need to have a garage sale! – H.P.


Dear Kelly: I broke one of my favorite glass vases. I thought I might try to glue it back together, but I was going to need some kind of clamp to hold the pieces together while the glue dried. I decided to use my gel cold pack. It’s heavy and would be easy to drape around the curved surface. I’m not sure, but I think the cold even helped the glue set faster. The vase looks pretty good and barely shows the damage. – H.M.


Dear Al: My kids found a good way to stay neat when painting. They just turned their shirts inside out. All of the drips were then on the inside of their shirts. Even though some of the paint didn’t come out of the shirts, nobody can tell, because it’s on the inside of the shirt, not the outside. – Y.R.

A Super hint

When you cut up an onion for grilled hamburgers, save the “butt” end. Then use it to clean off your grill grate when you’ve finished all of your cooking.

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