ELLICOTTVILLE – The next phase of the Westmont Ridge development is right on track.

A representative from the Holimont ski resort met with the board of the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency on Tuesday morning to give an update on the multiyear $22 million project.

The next step in the Westmont Ridge development, which is seven years in the making, is now well on the way, according to Sue Quattrone, the resort’s comptroller. In late February, 18 properties on the site were auctioned off.

“The beginning phase is installing gas, sewer and water for the first 31 lots so they are totally building-ready for those that have purchased or will be purchasing,” she said. “Right now, we are taking down trees and will be doing the earth work for the water and sewer to follow.”

Construction of homes and 72 condominiums is expected to begin later this summer, she said, but a procedure has been established to ensure quality building and conformity to standards that future homeowners’ associations will be able to maintain.

“We are requiring that owners have a site prep plan to present to the Town of Mansfield for approval, as well as submission to Holimont for approval of architectural rights,” she said.

An early part of the multiphase, multiyear project will include the creation of a 400-car parking lot for the facility. That will help alleviate one of the resort’s problems. The other – restaurant service – is to be rectified in a later project.

“Parking and eating are our two biggest problems,” Quattrone said. “We are out of room in our chalet right now, as well as not having enough parking, which is not a bad thing.”

Quattrone said the condominiums should be completed before Thanksgiving.

Next summer, a new slope to house the terrain park, as well as lighting, should be in place. The project is expected to culminate in the construction of a 26,000-square-foot lodge. As that is happening, a lift replacement will take place. Once everything is built, employment is expected to grow by 10 to 15 seasonal positions and three or four full-time jobs.

The sale of lots is open to the public. The current phase includes 31 lots; 18 have already been bought, and another two are pending.

One of the projects that must be completed is wetland mitigation. Since the project is expected to disturb less than half an acre of wetland area, Holimont plans will include the creation of nearly three acres of wetland area to replace the land being affected.

Quattrone said each step will be taken as finances allow. Construction work is being done by local workers. A local construction company has said the projects allowed it to maintain 18 positions that would otherwise not be there, according to Cattaraugus County IDA Executive Cory Wiktor said.

“This project has been seven years in the making, and it will be the last one at Holimont, as we have simply run out of room,” Quattrone said. “It is important for us to allow modern infrastructure our members are looking for.”