Politicians will never support term limits

A May 12 letter writer said, “term limits would solve our problems.” My very next thought was, “Then the Founding Fathers would descend from heaven showering the country with $100 bills while riding winged unicorns.”

Not going to happen? A ridiculous fantasy? That’s what term limits are, as well. Does anybody really believe any politician is going to vote for limiting his time at a job where he gets full-time pay for part-time work, an A-1 health care plan, a fat pension and perks too numerous to count? There would be a better chance of seeing a winged unicorn.

Even if, by some divine miracle, term limits actually came close to being the law, do you honestly believe the armies of lobbyists that swarm our legislatures are going to allow it to pass? Lobbyists want to buy power and influence. New legislators have less power and influence than incumbents. Millions in cash and PR specialists would be working against that.

Larry Schultz