Community must help reduce cat population

I have noticed a few articles in the paper recently regarding the feral cat population in Western New York. It appears that many would rather complain about a community problem than take the initiative to solve the problem.

Some people want an animal organization to deal with the overpopulation of feral cats, and others want to destroy these free-roaming animals. Luckily, there are those who care and want to help the community cats by taking an active role in their management. Groups such as Feral Cat Focus and Operation Pets the Spay/Neuter Clinic of WNY exist to offer help to the community. Trap, neuter and release programs allow caregivers to manage cat colonies by stopping reproduction. The groups mentioned can offer neuter appointments for as low as $20 a surgery. The first step to lowering the population of feral cats is to stop births from occurring.

Shelters, such as the SPCA, are focusing their resources on the pet overpopulation problem. Our local shelters are full of friendly animals who have been surrendered and are awaiting adoption. These organizations cannot fund their rescues and take care of the feral cat overpopulation problem. As a society, we must all take responsibility for the problems in our community. By spaying and neutering all cats, whether they be friendly or free roaming, we can take steps toward ending overpopulation. If you have free-roaming cats on your property, it is your responsibility to sterilize those animals. Do not wait for someone to fix the problem in your own back yard. If you have a homeowners association or a close neighborhood, work together to trap, neuter and release. We can make a difference, but only if you take action!

Lisa Kraus