There’s nothing like seeing a little kid clomping around the yard in muddy rain boots, watering the Shasta daisies or stooping down to scoop dirt into a pail.

Kids are born naturalists, a garden writer once said. If they see a rock, they want to pick it up and see what’s under it. They like to collect stones and squeeze snapdragons. They’re curious about worms. They like to see where a garden path takes them. They love to see things sprout.

All the more reason to get them gardening.

While many people garden alone at least some of the time, others enjoy sharing their passion with others – be it a child, grandchild, spouse or other family member or friend.

Many memories are created in a garden.

On the following pages you’ll read about ways to get kids involved in gardening, from potting up a tomato plant to creating a magical miniature fairy garden. We had some fun rounding up colorful children’s gear to feature, including Be Good to Bugs gardening gloves and a slingshot for flinging Throw & Grow Seedbombs.

You’ll also find stories on square-foot gardening, deck cleaning and preparing your possessions – and your mind – for moving in with someone.

This is just the start of a glorious season. Be sure to check out the Home & Style section every Friday in The Buffalo News for other ideas and inspiration. Your home and garden awaits.