The Grand Island Town Board approved $1.5 million in maintenance and improvement projects to town facilities Monday night.

The board approved $430,000 in improvements to the overflow retention facility at the sewage treatment plant, $200,000 towards changing water filters at the water treatment plant and $917,500 toward inspecting, cleaning and testing sewers.

Also Monday night, the board heard comments from residents and developers on rezoning of two land parcels.

A plan to develop the Gun Creek area of Whitehaven Road into various housing on 152 lots ran into opposition from residents concerned that connecting Ransom Road to Whitehaven Road would further congest traffic at Ransom and Stony Point Road.

Another project, which has been proposed and rejected several times, seeks to develop senior citizens’ housing on Baseline Road.

Grand Island residents who said they would like to take advantage of senior housing on the island spoke in favor of rezoning a portion of the land to a commercial designation. Several others who live near the property, however, said the change would harm their quality of life.