(Through Friday night’s games, last week in parentheses)

1. Texas Rangers. Solid starters, incredible pen. You pitch, you win. (3)

2. St Louis Cardinals. With Motte down, ex-Bison Mujica is 11 for 11 as the closer. (2)

3. New York Yankees. Thanks to Pettitte, Google and WebMD get a run on “trapezius.” (4)

4. Cincinnati Reds. Old friend Phillips takes over NL RBI lead. (14)

5. Boston Red Sox. Major elbow surgery is tough news for Hanrahan. (6)

6. Pittsburgh Pirates. Snider’s 458-foot bomb bounces into the Allegheny. (15)

7. Baltimore Orioles. Incredible to think Machado can bat .340-plus and still be 20. (5)

8. San Francisco Giants. Champs’ game never got across border en route to Toronto. (8)

9. Cleveland Indians. Reynolds mashing like his glory days in Arizona. (11)

10. Detroit Tigers. Verlander blew up in showdown with Darvish. (7)

11. Atlanta Braves. Played 26 of first 40 on road and still led NL East. (1)

12. Arizona Diamondbacks. Corbin is club’s first lefty to open 6-0 since Big Unit. (9)

13. Kansas City Royals. Won series in Anaheim. Everybody does these days. (10)

14. Colorado Rockies. Blowing 6-0 lead no way to start series vs. Giants. (12)

15. Washington Nationals. Memo to Harper: WALL APPROACHING! (13)

16. Minnesota Twins. This is one of Gardenhire’s best managing jobs to date. (16)

17. Seattle Mariners. Ibanez picked up in Bronx where he left off in October. (21)

18. Tampa Bay Rays. Major crisis with Price headed to DL. (19)

19. Oakland Athletics. Losing touch with Rangers. (17)

20. Philadelphia Phillies. After surgery, hope is Halladay is back in August. (23)

21. Chicago White Sox. Slow start no real issue in ultra-tight AL Central. (24)

22. San Diego Padres. Shut down in Strasburg’s homecoming. (18)

23. Toronto Blue Jays. Dickey vs. CC today in the Bronx. (27)

24. Los Angeles Dodgers. Who goes first in Tinseltown: Mattingly or Scioscia? (25)

25. Chicago Cubs. New contract makes Rizzo the building block. (26)

26. Milwaukee Brewers. Segura a huge bright spot in rollercoaster season. (20)

27. New York Mets. Dysfunction Junction. Poor Collins. (22)

28. Los Angeles Angels. See what happens when you turn the press box into luxury suites? For shame. (28)

29. Houston Astros. Reid Ryan a solid choice for new club president. (29)

30. Miami Marlins. Last week, they got relegated in this space. Go one more. Contract them. (30)