Residents’ attitude offensive to patrons

We were very offended by the attitude in the article, “Williamsville hopes to make Main Street people-friendly” in the May 11 News. First of all, I did not know that Main Street was exclusive to Williamsville residents only, and that all others should be using the Thruway. What a shame that some of the residents are “galled” at cars just passing through on “their” Main Street.

Was the person who came up with electric car charging stations, a new smart-phone app and valet parking serious in thinking this would alleviate the traffic problem?

The impression we get from this article is that the village residents are happy to see us spend our money in their area, just make sure we use the Thruway to get there, so as not to interrupt their quality of life.

Now we know what discrimination feels like.

Lee Summers


Kathy Charvat

West Seneca