By Ryki Zuckerman

many have searched

for signs from above

while stretched out on lawngrass

or meadow field, looking up,

arms folded under their downy heads,

waiting for the gray elephant to show itself,

or the white cat,

(ah, my dearest companion

who made me wheeze) –

the cat you captured

forever in white alabaster.

but how will you

come to me, mother?

how will you make

your presence known?

will you come as a pale bird

poised on a branch

with your song faint, fading?

will you move in the air,

a slight breeze

jostling my hair,

a tender gust,

or will you announce yourself

with claps of thunder,

raining down on me

so that my own tears

are washed away?

RYKI ZUCKERMAN will read from her new poetry collection “Looking for Bora Bora” (Saddle Road Press) at 7 p.m. Thursday at Talking Leaves Books, 3158 Main St. A Buffalo-based artist, educator, poet, literary event organizer and longtime co-editor of Earth’s Daughters magazine, she is currently the coordinator and host of both Earth’s Daughters Gray Hair reading series and the Crane Branch Library’s Wordflight reading series.