Organizers of a new blog,, plans to take the buddy system of weight loss to the Web in a big way.

The site’s free member platform hopes to be the framework by which people can find the right path and remain on it until goals are reached.

Webmaster James Carter says he has been around the block when it comes to weight loss – programs, pills, exercises, trends. Unlike most “systems” on the market these days, Carter seeks to depart from the typical easy-fix promises by supplying a platform by which people can commit themselves to realistic, sustainable methods for permanent fat loss.

“I’ve observed weight loss consumers of all variety burn through myriad programs and products without result,” Carter says. “The prevailing lack is not necessarily that the diet pill or nutritional program is wrong, per se, but that people don’t know what to expect. They don’t know how to balance what they’ve learned within their extant lifestyle, or they quit prematurely because the program or supplement seemed to promise better results, sooner. I truly believe that people need a resource by which to sustain their level of patience, perseverance, and hope that weight loss is attainable for them.” has two primary goals: To inform members of effective weight-loss methods and implements, and to provide ongoing context and balance to keep members on track. Carter wants to be the guy to provide the oft-missing platform for patience, perseverance and hope, in addition to providing the most effective methods.