News prints many right-wing cartoons

I’d like to ease the mind of a recent letter writer from East Amherst who appears to share the views of readers in most of the backwoods communities of Erie County (“Editorial cartoons insult conservatives”). All he needs to do six days of the week is to turn his head a few degrees (to the right, oddly enough) and he can take comfort in a venomous anti-Obama, anti-tax, anti-government cartoon that invariably resides there. And on Sunday, he is treated to an entire column of predominantly right-wing cartoon screeds from Michael Ramirez, Lisa Benson and others of their ilk.

If he will consider the fact that most of the population, if not the real estate, of The News’ target audience is firmly Democratic, he might content himself with the knowledge that his own political views are already being overserved.

John W. Nelson