Brown highly qualified to lead Buffalo schools

We, the undersigned pastors, are greatly disturbed by the comments of the representative for the Buffalo Board of Education from the Park District as reported in The News. Carl Paladino unfairly questioned the competency of Superintendent Pamela C. Brown.

Brown comes to Buffalo as a highly qualified and celebrated educator and should be given an opportunity to right the many ills of the Buffalo Public School District. To suggest that her appointment was not based on merit or to question her competency is not fair, honest or just. Brown’s experience includes years spent in the classroom and in administration. She has served all over this country, in urban and non-urban settings, and she was educated at some of the world’s most highly regarded academic institutions. Her appointment was the result of a nationwide search. She is eminently qualified!

Lastly, to call for her ouster while giving her only 10 months on the job is paramount to asking her to work miracles. She is an educator, not the Almighty. She deserves more time to fix the decades of problems she inherited. Solutions should not be expected overnight. What we should expect is for candidates for public office to be civil, honest and well-informed. The comments of Paladino demonstrate that he is none of the above.

Bishops Michael Badger &

Robert Sanders, Revs. Richard

Stenhouse & Jonathan Staples