Orchard Park’s Fourth of July parade is on for this year.

The fate of the parade was up in the air, because for a second consecutive year, no community group stepped up to organize it.

The Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce ran the event for more than 30 years, until last year. The Chamber pulled out after it looked as though the town would charge for services provided for the parade as a special event. The town pulled back from charging community groups, but the Chamber said the parade, conducted at 8 p.m. July 4, did not forward its mission of helping businesses.

But Virgie Majchrzak has agreed for a second year to head up a committee that will organize the parade.

“It won’t be as helter-skelter as last year, because now she knows what has to get done,” said town Councilman Eugene Majchrzak, Virgie’s husband.

Bridget Pacholec, the wife of Police Chief Mark Pacholec, and resident Howie Holmes are among those helping out as well.

The parade committee is looking for marching bands to join in the parade, after Orchard Park High School’s band said it would not enter the parade this year.

“Their concern is they won’t have a full complement of players,” Majchrzak said of the band.

The parade runs from Baker Road to Quaker Street (Route 20A) to Lincoln Avenue to the Middle School. The town puts on a fireworks display after the parade at the pavilion behind the Middle School.

Anyone who wants to help out with the parade can contact the office of Supervisor Janis Colarusso. Parade organizers also can be reached via email at