Buffalo Teacher Federation President Phil Rumore won a 17th consecutive two-year term as head of the teachers union in an election that drew almost twice as many ballots as the last election.

Rumore received 758 votes to 398 cast for his opponent, Marc Bruno.

Rumore, who has held the union president’s post since 1981 after working for 13 years as a special education teacher, did not return a call to comment.

Bruno, a history teacher at Riverside High School and longtime member of the union’s governing Council of Delegates, said he was pleased with the turnout, which was almost twice the number cast in the last election.

He said there were some issues Saturday morning when his observers were briefly blocked from watching the vote-counting process, which is carried out by a computer company.

“The counting process definitely needs to be reviewed and revised, that’s for sure,” said Bruno. “It’s not a CPA firm that counts the votes, so it’s not like they have a license to lose, like a CPA.”

“I’m not going to contest the election,” said Bruno, “I don’t think that would be very good for the union, and it would probably cost a lot of money, but the process definitely needs to be changed.”

Bruno said he was happy with the number of votes he got.

“Phil Rumore is like a Ted Kennedy or a Strom Thurmond; he’s been there for 32 years. I’ve been on the council for 10 years, but it’s all name recognition. Phil beat me not quite 2-to-1, and for a 32-year incumbent and a virtual unknown, I think I had a pretty strong showing. He had a decent victory, though, and I’m going to support him every step of the way.”

About 3,500 active teachers received ballots, which they filled out and mailed back to a post office box. Bruno said 1,172 valid ballots were received.