It would be foolish to count Tolbert out

Bernie Tolbert’s entry into the Buffalo mayoral race has certainly given political junkies and pundits alike something to savor for the upcoming months.

At Tolbert’s formal announcement of his candidacy last Saturday, it seems curious that The News and some bloggers focused on the number of people who attended that event, implying that the 150 to 200 supporters on hand was somehow a show of only lukewarm support compared to the number of people who attended Mayor Byron Brown’s earlier formal re-election announcement.

I can recall not long ago (OK, it was quite a while ago) a certain guy from South Buffalo who, despite being outspent and outmanned and after barely losing a bruising primary, went on to become one of the most famous and beloved mayors in Buffalo’s history. I was there back then as one of perhaps 200 core supporters of Jimmy Griffin, and I know that it isn’t always about money and numbers, it’s about the enthusiasm of a candidate’s supporters and his or her message.

Tolbert’s candidacy will make this year’s mayoral race more interesting than the recent running of the Kentucky Derby. I think I’m betting on Bernie!

Daniel Glowacki