Writer misses message Sandberg is promoting

This is in response to the May 12 Viewpoints article dedicated to the excerpt of Elsa Walsh’s speech to St. Mary’s College. I am appalled that Walsh has once again committed the ultimate faux pas when it comes to women’s rights, and that would be criticizing another woman in public. The person I am referring to is Sheryl Sandberg. Walsh totally misses the message Sandberg is trying to send and is muddying the waters of women’s rights with her proclamation of condescending “mother knows best” attitude.

I think Elsa is living up to her name. I grew up during the same era as Elsa and I remember a lion named Elsa from the “Born Free” movie. The only thing I can see is Elsa’s claws swiping at an innocent, unsuspecting, easy target.

Karen Lippold

Orchard Park