How can anybody support abortion?

The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is over. He has been found guilty of murdering in the first degree three babies born alive after botched abortions, along with his being guilty of many other charges. Rightfully, most people are aghast and cannot understand how a doctor could do such horrible acts. Is it any wonder that he did them? After all, for the past 40 years, with Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court made it legal to abort a baby in the womb. With an unscrupulous doctor such as Gosnell, it would follow that he would attempt to “cover his tracks” by killing the baby born alive because of the failed abortion.

Does this make all of us rethink the cruelty and horror of abortion, regardless of when in the nine months it is done? A baby, if allowed to grow in its mother’s womb, would be born alive. Each baby, once conceived, has a constitutional “right to life.”

A pregnant human mother delivers a human baby in the image of its mother and father. How can any one of us legitimately and honestly support abortion? After all that the trial and conviction of Gosnell tells us, can we continue to do so?

Stella L. Ryndak

North Tonawanda