Kodak gets clean slate while pensioners suffer

After reading the May 2 article titled, “Kodak will be a different entity after emerging from bankruptcy,” I was very disheartened. I am a widow of an Eastman Kodak employee who worked diligently for Kodak for well over 25 years. Upon his death, I was notified that I would be entitled to a lifetime monthly survivor death benefit. However, that lifetime apparently is only the lifetime of Eastman Kodak, because when the company filed for bankruptcy protection, my benefits, along with the other widows’ and widowers’ benefits, were terminated.

It seems very unfair to the survivors of the pension plans that Kodak can now reorganize after emerging from bankruptcy in September and not have any responsibility to fulfill its promised obligation to all of the people who were depending on its benefits to be continued for the rest of their lives. We should have been considered “creditors” and been given more consideration and protection. It must be wonderful for a company to go bankrupt and start off with a nice, clean slate while we now have to face the rest of our lives without our benefits.

Linda Hare DeLong

Cleveland, Tenn.